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We have all of the packing supplies you will need


Packing Boxes

 Our boxes are industry-standard  boxes used and preferred by professional 

movers. They are strong boxes that are crush resistant so you can stack them with assurance.

BOX SIZES:  Small, Medium,  Large,  X Large,  Large Wardrobe,  EZ Short Wardrobe,  Lamp, 

Large Mirro,  Medium Mirro,  and  Picture.

Packing Supplies

We have a selection of small and medium size cushion bubble wrap.  All lengths and bubble sizes come in standard 12" widths with 12" easy-tear perforations.

 BUBBLE WRAP SIZES:  Small  Bubble Wrap ,  Medium  Bubble Wrap,  Large Bubble Wrap ,  Bubble Wrap Box 150 ft,


PACKING PAPER:  10 lbs,  and  Packing Peanuts.

Protective Cover

Our mattress bags have a full 14" side pleat to accoumodate pillow top mattresses.

They are up to 23% bigger than standard bags and are made with 2 mil thick virgin polyethylene. 

They are vented to prevent moisture entrapment.

MATTRESS BAG SIZES: Twin, Full, Queen, King.

 We also have Dust Covers,  Chair Covers, and Sofa Covers. 


Our tape selection has the tearable convenience of paper tape with the durability of acrylic.

TAPE SELECTION:  Tape Gun Dispensers,   2 Pack Tape with Gun,  Tape/Single Heavy Duty Roll, 

 2 Pack Tape with Dispenser,  3 Pack Tape with Dispenser, and DuctTape.

Additional Suppies

Our Shink Wrap is the perfect solution for securing and protecting furniture and bundling small items.

 It sticks only to itself, and will not mar or damage finishes.

Shrink Wrap 20",   Shrink Wrap 5", Dish Packs,  Glass Packs,  Cell Pack,  Traps, Twine,  and Tie Downs.


QUESTION: What is the best way to store my mattress?

ANSWER:  Put your mattress in a protective cover and include a dryer sheet to keep it fresh smelling.

Store it in the back of the unit against the wall to support the weight. Also,  placing  a heavy item

 in front of it will assist with support. NEVER put your mattress into  moving truck without putting it in protective plastic. 

QUESTION: How do I save space in my storage unit?

You can save space by using like size small and medium boxes. They are easier to stack, and they fit better into empty spaces. To save room, make things small. Take legs off of tables, fold up bed frames, and shrink wrap chairs together. Put soft, light weight items inside washers and dryers. Leave items in dresser drawers and then shrink wrap the drawers shut.

QUESTION : Is my house near your location?

ANSWER: We are near Liv Northgate Apartments, Highland Grove at Morris Ranch, Higley Farms, Sonoma Landing Apartments, Brandford Homes, Brighton Estates. Our cross roads are N. Recker Road and Baseline.